That Lawn Is Not Gonna Mow Itself – Find a Mower That’s Right for You

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Mowing the lawn

There’s a mower for every lawn. It’s up to you, the homeowner, to find the right one. Whether you want to use a manual mower powered by man or relax on a lawn mowing behemoth, the decision will be influenced by the topography, size and idiosyncrasies of your lawn.

Lawn Tractor

The powerhouse engines of lawn tractors scoff at the largest of lawns. Lawn tractors easily breeze over acres of land and hilly terrain. Their massive frame can also haul massive loads on a work cart and accommodate a plow for winter riding.

Garden Tractor

The overgrown cousins of lawn tractors, garden tractors usually feature a durable direct-drive motor and PTO (power takeoff). According to Popular Mechanics’ Joseph Truini, these beastly machines welcome heavy additions such as snow throwers and tillers.

Riding Mower

Riding mowers work for most medium- to large-sized lawns and are able to traverse mild slopes. Though these mowers lack the might of lawn and garden tractors, they can tackle large lawns relatively well. Look for riding lawn mowers with adjustable seating and speeds for a relaxing and convenient mowing experience.

Zero-Radius-Turning Mower

If your lawn contains considerable acreage and a slew of obstacles, zero-radius-turning (ZRT) mowers are just the ticket. Favored by pro landscapers, ZRT mowers are agile and swift. Most ZRT mowers are controlled by dual lap bars; these can present a potentially challenging learning curve for users, according to Though, some companies do offer advantageous steering wheels.

Wide-Cut Self-Propelled Mower

As its name suggests, these walk-behind mowers feature a widened mowing deck. Powered by a robust drivetrain and motor, wide-cut self-propelled mowers cut down large swaths of grassthough the largest lawns are best left to the big boy tractors.

Self-Propelled Mower

Just walk and steer while this mower propels itself. Self-propelled mowers are well-suited for hills so you don’t to bear the brunt of the slope and the mower’s weight. Some of these mowers have adjustable speeds or move in unison with your pace.

Hover Lawn Mower

The hover lawn mower floats on a pocket of air and is arguably the easiest, lightest mower one can use. Hover lawn mowers can either be plugged in or powered by gasoline. Each has its pros and cons: gas-powered mowers burst with power, while their electric counterparts offer convenience, but those cords may get in the way.

Manual Reel Mower

Classic and unsophisticated, the manual reel mower has cut lawns for hundreds of years. They’re the safest, cheapest and most eco-friendly mowers one can buy. Manual reel mowers are powered by your own body to cut small lawns cleanly and smoothly.

Solar Battery Hybrid Mower

The solar battery hybrid mower is like a Zoomba for your lawn. A favorite of Better Homes and Garden’s Denny Schrock, this mower combines a solar power and rechargeable battery, this autonomous mowing bot will give your lawn a perfect trim while you’re off attending to other matters. The hybrid mower requires the installation of a perimeter wire to ensure the mower doesn’t escape from its mowing duties.

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