Should You Use Lawn or Slabs in Your Garden?

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When we move into a new home, we spend hours and hours deciding on how to decorate each room. We have a lot of decisions to make: paint or wallpaper? Carpet or wooden flooring? Blinds or curtains? The list goes on and on. We want to ensure that our house looks beautiful so that we can enjoy each and every second spent in it. Additionally, receiving the odd comment here and there about how beautiful our home is is always a bonus and a nice thing to hear.

So why should we neglect our gardens? Are they not a part of our home? Whilst many people consider their gardens to be as important as indoor rooms, others seem to neglect their and end up using the space as a mini junk yard!

One of the biggest decisions to make when designing a garden is to choose between having slabs and laying down a lawn. Whilst they both have their advantages, in most cases it is an either or either decision. If you are one of the unlucky decision makers, this article should help make your decision a little easier.

Do you prefer looks or convenience? Whilst slabs are more convenient than a lawn, you will find that slabs do not make your garden look as attractive as a lawn would. So if you are all about the attractive appearances, lawns are perfect for you and your garden.The first thing to consider is time. Having a lawn requires a lot of time, for mowing and other maintenance procedures. If you think that you are able to take out the time to do these, then a lawn is perfect for you. However, if you believe that you will not be able to take any time out to maintain your lawn and any flowers that you may wish to plant in addition, then slabs are the way to go since slabs require very little maintenance.

Do you have children or are you planning on having children? Children are more likely to enjoy playing in a garden which has a lawn. Having a lawn also means that a child is less likely to hurt himself or herself should s/he trip or fall. Slabs on the other hand can cause some serious knew scrapings, or worse.

Are you on a budget? Depending on the size of your garden, laying down slabs can work out significantly more expensive than growing your own lawn or laying down some turf. You may find out that you only need a single pack of lawn seed as opposed to numerous slabs, which are not cheap. If budget is one of your concerns, it is always wise to do your research and see what will work out cheaper for you.

What will you be using your garden for? If your garden is going to be used for social gatherings, parties, BBQs etc. then a lawn may be the way to go. A lawn makes the garden a lot more homey and comfortable. Having a lawn is going to add colour to your garden, thus helping you to enjoy your garden. However, if you are going to be using it to keep sheds, or for work purposes e.g. carpenters could use gardens to do their work when the weather is good etc. then slabs will be more convenient since they are steady and provide a strong stable surface. Similarly, they are easy to sweep and clean unlike lawn, which cannot be swept.

Think carefully before making a decision and make the most of your garden!

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